The Irony of Your Perfection - CD

Image of The Irony of Your Perfection - CD


Debut album from Asking Alexandria

Track List
01. In Loving Memory of you, Despite you
02. Writing Her Ballad
03. Bitter Revenge, Sweet Tragedy
04. Bite your Lip and Fake It
05. Asking for Ashes
06. My Last Words Before It’s all Over
07. Numb in a Matter of Screams
08. Gramophone Elegance
09. Bullets in a Musicbox
10. Wings for the Sake of Falling
11. Friends Before Angels
12. The Irony of Your Perfection

“As catchy and addictive as ‘Hell is for Heroes’ at their best, but ofcourse far more brutal” – Room Thirteen

“Their plunging licks and sing song vocals combine to produce the aural equivalent of TNT” – Time Out Magazine

“Intensity, Drive and skill. I’ll be the first to say I’m glad Asking Alexandria makes the music they do, and so are my listeners” – Daric Ford, Split Infinity Radio (USA)

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